We, just like our nano products, are a small but powerful force. Biotech Nutritional Sciences was founded in 2018 by Steven K. Scott. We are an American based company, and our mission is to bring health and longevity to as many people as possible. 

Founders statement 

For more than forty years, Steve Scott has searched for “breakthrough products” and created companies to market those products. In 1976, he co-founded a television marketing company that became known as American Telecast Corporation (ATC). The brands that Steve and his ATC partners created generated billions of dollars in sales. These brands included Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, Lori Davis Hair, Richard Simon’s Deal-a-Meal, and Total Gym, to name a few.  Steve retired from ATC in 2009 a later sold his interests back to his partners.

  His latest venture, Biotech Nutritional Sciences (BNS) is focused on applying a breakthrough nano-technology to nutritional supplementation. Steve recently stated, “Nano-sizing critical nutrients and peptides has resulted in the most exciting breakthroughs of my lifetime. The results we’ve seen are beyond anything I could have never imagined; and the future applications of this technology are truly mind boggling.”