smaller than ever.


Our new Swish30 Extra Strength is 6x stronger than our Revive+ formula. One 10oz bottle has twice as many servings as the 32 oz bottles. Now flavored with peppermint, 2 teaspoons a day will give you everything you need to run the world.

a swish a day

keeps the dr. away.

Simply pour 2 teaspoons/capfuls into your mouth. Let the liquid sit under your tongue for 15 seconds, then swish it in your mouth for an additional 15 seconds and swallow.

conventional health.

unconventional delivery.

Using HydraStat delivery system, we deliver some of the most important nutrients directly into your cells. You may or may not notice an immediate "pick me up" or instant focus. Whether you notice something immediately or not, glutathione and the other ingredients are going to work in your cells. This will help your body to strengthen its immune system, recover from workouts, increase energy, support joint health and much more.

Why Swish?

The power of nano

Some of the most important nutrients in the supplements you take are broken down by stomach acids, and not absorbed. We use nano technology to break down the nutrients so that they can be delivered to your cells and utilized very quickly. Nano Technology = Super Bioavailability


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