Athlete Testimonials


Justin Wilson – Cyclist and Mountain Runner

“Going to Limits I Never Knew Existed!”

I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am with your product.  Week after week I keep pushing myself harder and harder. I’m going to limits I never knew existed! On Saturday, I climbed 15 major Wasatch mountain peaks in a row. I would normally take 4 or 5 days to recover from an effort like that.  Yet, on Monday I was back at it, feeling refreshed and fully recovered! – Weds. July 25th




Bill Gillespie –Strength & Conditioning Coach, Liberty University Football, Competitive weight lifter--World Record Holder- Bench Press

June 4 – “NO FATIGUE”

I was able to put Swish to the test today.  I swished three one-ounce servings before my first heavy set. Despite the fact that I had a lot on my mind (flying across the country to say goodbye to my dying brother) I was able to “zero in” on my heavy sets.  I had increased my weights from the weights I had struggled with just one week ago and I had NO trouble getting the reps.  Then, I went into my competition sets and found that I wasn’t easily distracted and I actually felt more relaxed than normal, which was a pleasant surprised.  I NEVER got fatigued!  I felt that I wanted to continue working out, but I needed to get to the airport.


Incredible recovery from yesterday’s heavy workout. NO soreness at all!  I’m truly amazed.  NOTHING has ever done anything like this in my forty-four years of competing.


Had world-record breaking meet today!  Woke up early and drove 6 hours to meet in York, PA.  Swished 1 serving two hours before meet; then 2 servings 20 minutes before warm-ups; then 2 servings during warm ups, then 2 more servings during the long meet.  Set my age group world record for the bench press (705 lbs.)  Judges also awarded me Best Lifter in the masters category (Age 40+) and Best Lifter all categories and First Place-bench press all ages, both amateurs and pros.  My focus was amazing and I never felt fatigued. 



Jared Davis – Strength and Conditioning Trainer, Professional Athletes (NFL; MMA; MLB)


“Have Never Seen Any Product Do What Swish 30 Does…”

I have used every pre-workout and every post-workout recovery product on the market and I have never seen any product do what Swish 30 does—not even close!  It’s in a league all by itself.  I have seen extraordinary results in terms of increased output, stamina, focus and recovery.  In one test, we saw a 32% increase in output—that is unheard of.  Same day and next day recoveries are the norm, not the exception.  Increased focus happens within 30 seconds of swishing and both the onset and progression of fatigue is significantly delayed and in many cases eliminated altogether. 



Andrew Goetze – Endurance Athlete/Trainer

 May 29th  “Biggest Athletic Product Breakthrough EVER!”

I used Swish for the first time last night and was amazed then and I’m even more amazed now!  My workout was one hour running on the treadmill at a 25% incline, followed by one hour of intensive rowing.   I swished one serving an hour before I began my workout.  At the end of my running, my joints were hurting, my knee was inflamed from “water on the knee” and I had brain fog.  I then swished before I started my rowing.  The brain fog INSTANTLY disappeared and was replaced by sharp focus.  Within a couple minutes my joint and knee pain were gone.  I then swished immediately after the workout.  Within 15 minutes of instead of feeling completely spent, I felt perfect, like I could do another workout.  But the next morning brought the biggest surprise of all.  I normally wake up so sore and stiff I have to use rollers, then do yoga and then finish off with a lot of stretching before I can begin my work day.  But instead, I woke up with NO soreness or stiffness!  I have been an endurance athlete for ten years, and NO PRODUCT has ever done for me what Swish has.  This is going to be the greatest product ever created for endurance athletes. 

Update- August 10

I now have a number of clients, friends and relatives on Swish.  They are ALL seeing the same kind of results.  They’re only concern is running out of product.  They don’t want to even go a single day without it! 


James Glover – Semi-Pro Football Player – Wide Receiver

“Don’t Want to Workout or Compete Without it Ever Again!”

I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life in track and field and football.  My wife was a college pent-athlete.  We both started using Swish 30 in our workouts and saw a big difference immediately.  Our fatigue was greatly reduced during our workouts and the day after our very hard workouts we woke up with almost no soreness.  The first time I used it for a game, I was even more blown away.  We woke up at 4:00 AM and drove for twelve hours.  We only at snacks as we didn’t have time to break for a meal.  I arrived at the stadium 45 minutes before our 5:00 pm kick-off.  I swished right before the kick-off.  As a wide-receiver, I run or block on every offensive play.  I made it through the first two quarters with almost NO fatigue.  During half-time, the fatigue set in.  Right before the beginning of the second half, I swished two servings.  All fatigue was gone within a couple of minutes and my third and fourth quarters were as good as my first two.  My stamina and speed for running my routes amazed me.  After the game I swished again and drove for several hours to our motel.  My wife and I have now been using swish for several months, and wouldn’t even think of working out without it!  It changes everything! 



Tammy McCleery, Captain, US Army Reserve; - Marathoner and Cyclist

“Broke Personal Records Each Time I Used It”

I was scheduled to compete in a hundred-mile bike race in Alabama on Saturday, June 9th.  I received my Swish 30 in the mail on Weds June 6th.  I put it to the test that evening, swishing right before I competed in a 30-minute cycling sprint race.  I set a new PR (personal record,) and after the race felt great—not exhausted like normal.  The next morning I woke up with no soreness. That afternoon I did a 35-mile trial run, swishing right before the run and right after.  Here again, I broke my PR on this one too and again felt great afterword.  Friday morning I woke up with no soreness again.  Saturday, I swished a serving a few minutes before we began the 100-mile race at 5:30 AM.  I once again set a new PR on the first 35-mile leg.  We took a bathroom break and I swished again before we started the next leg.  I was breaking my PR again, when a couple of miles into the second leg, the bike in front of me hit the brakes.  I hit his bike and ended my race—but not before Swish had once again performed remarkably.