Bill Gillespie

The quest for 1,000



Bill Gillespie is defying the laws of physics, but it's not just by chance. In weightlifting, once you pass the age of 50, the standard is to go down 10% in strength and output every year. This was the case with Bill Gillespie, and he started to have to face the facts that he would never bench more than he did in his 40's. But he was wrong.

Bills latest world record (937lbs) was achieved at 60 years old! He has gone up in bench press 230 lbs in the past year and a half. What's his secret? Well for starters, Bill puts in more hours and hard work than any man alive, but how does he put in so many hours per week and keep up with this strenuous routine? The answer is Swish30.

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Really, the only "secret sauce" to being Bill Gillespie is God given strength and an incredible amount of diligence and hard work in the weight room. Bill eats breathes and sleeps the bench press, and it shows.

What allows Bill to train so hard? Swish30. Swish30 helps Bill with recovery in the weight room allowing him to do 4-5 hard workouts a week as opposed to 1 or maybe 2 hard workouts a week before he started taking swish. Bill attributes his ability to recover fast, sleep better, and focus more during workouts to Swish30. Prayers up for Bill on his quest to benching 1,000 pounds!