A Performance Blend of Nano What?

What’s a “Performance Blend of Nano Nutrients”?

I, the non-scientist, did a very unofficial “experiment” with a group of our (Swish30 team) friends. We found our friends who know we work for this company, but have never tried the product, or have ever had it explained to them. We asked them to sit down in front of a camera, and to look at Swish30- read the label, and a pamphlet that comes with it when it’s shipped to customers. The results- no one knew what was IN it. They could sound out some of the ingredients (gloo-da-thi-own??) and knew they were supposed to create healthy energy. And that’s about it. Why? How? What do these ingredients mean and do?

That was harder to answer than I thought! I took 20 mins to Google each ingredient, and it was nearly impossible to find a cut and dry definition for each one. So I talked to our (actual) scientist, Bert, who I knew would be the authority on the matter. He knew more than I could ever write down, but he helped me create a neat little table, that briefly, accurately, and succinctly defines each of our nano nutrients!

Now, each of these ingredients are continually studied, and new uses and functions are found often, but we listed the ones that are most scientifically correct and relevant to YOU!

Ingredient Identity and Function
Glutathione Protein; Antioxidant; Boosts other antioxidants, critical in cell metabolism
Calcium Ascorbate Source of Vitamin C; Antioxidant; Boost immune function
Curcumin Complex Antioxidant; Naturally derived from Turmeric; Enhances performance and recovery
L-Cysteine  Amino Acid; Building blocks of glutathione
Muscadine Grape Extract Natural Antioxidant; Scavenges free radicals
Alpha Lipoic Acid Compound; Antioxidant; Helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy

Amino Acid; Supports healthy immune functioning

Resveratrol Naturally occurring compound; Antioxidant


Hopefully now you can see why ALL of these working together give you amazing results, and we haven't even talked about nano sizing yet;)

The Swish30 Team

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