Every Day is Earth Day: Reuse and Recycle Swish30

There are a lot of rumors floating around these days that even though you might be putting your plastics in a recycling bin, they are being dumped in a land fill anyways. That’s not what we are here to discuss- that’s purely out of our control where our garbage goes after it get’s picked up. The fact of the matter is, if you never attempt to recycle, that waste is ALWAYS going to the land fills! 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the garbage that goes to the landfills? Landfills are not designed to break down waste- they are purely storage. Although some of the garbage does decompose, it continues piling up faster than it breaks down. In a modern landfill, the waste is covered by a clay and and rubber barrier, which keeps the liquids from leaking. Bacteria from the garbage lets off methane gas, which is dangerous, highly flammable, and contributes to global warming. 

So what can you do to prevent this problem from endlessly multiplying? You got it. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Something we’ve been told as children, yet not many of us were TAUGHT as children how to recycle. Recycling varies from city to city, because the capabilities of the recycling plants near you differ. So as always, check your local governments website, which will have accurate, up to date, and detailed information on recycling and recycling centers near you.

Here are a few universal guidelines for recycling:

  1. If a recyclable contained food, it must be rinsed and dried before recycling.
  2. Plastic bags can be recycled by your local grocery stores, but not by the curb side bin.
  3. Candy wrappers, cling wrap, and other small items are difficult to recycle, therefore, they are usually transferred to land fills anyways.
  4. Paper and glass are endlessly recyclable, so PLEASE make an effort to recycle these. They are the most likely to be recycled and remade into usable products.
  5. If you have a question about if it’s recyclable or not, check your local guidelines first. You will increase the positive results of recycling by being a responsible participant!

The good news is, Swish30 is bottled in a #2 plastic, which is a plastic that is easily turned into other usable plastic products. This means it IS worth your time to learn how to recycle it! And we’ll teach you how right now.

  1. Take off the shrink wrap plastic label. This unfortunately cannot be recycled. 
  2. Put the bottle in the recycling bin.

It is quite literally that easy!! So PLEASE make the effort to recycle it! If you want to go a step further, there are also many great ways to reuse our Swish30 bottle. A few ideas we’ve had after a 5 min brainstorm session: a homemade bird feeder, a pencil holder, a water bottle, repainted it could even pass for a piece of art! The joy that comes from diverting waste and using creativity to turn something from useless into priceless is, well, priceless!!

This earth gives us life. It provides food, an atmosphere that fills our lungs with air, a beautiful landscape that inspires and comforts. It does so much for us, it’s time we make more of an effort to do something for it! If you have tips for recycling, ideas for reusing Swish30 bottles, or anything you'd like to share, let us know in the comments!

Do your part, and happy Earth Day:)

The Swish30 Team

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