Artificial Energy vs. Natural Energy

Energy can come in many forms- sugar, caffeine, B Vitamins, antioxidants, etc. When you look up the ingredients in popular energy drinks, you’ll see a list of ingredients that includes most of what I listed previously. “Well that doesn’t sound too bad!” You may be saying to yourself. You’d be right, those ingredients are not inherently harmful, depending on how much you are consuming at a time. 

You know on the nutrition label, there is a percentage that says %DV (Daily Value)? Well, I know growing up, we didn’t talk much about this. It was only in my college nutrition class that I was explained that we have a suggested amount of daily intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, etc. If we eat 100% of the recommended daily values, our bodies should be healthy and happy. Of course there are many external and internal circumstances that can influence that, but let’s just focus on what SHOULD happen. So, naturally, if we eat less than our %DV, our body is being starved of something it needs. But what happens when we eat more than our %DV? Your friends may say you’ll get “fat” because most people are thinking about over eating, but that doesn’t always mean you are over your %DV. Here’s a weird example you may not have heard of- if you eat too much beta-carotene (a vitamin found in carrots and other red and orange fruits and vegetables), your skin can turn orange (called Cartonemia, it’s 100% a real thing, you can google it).

So now that your mind is blown, let’s think about what happens to our bodies when we consume over 200% of our DV of sugar, caffeine, even Vitamin B’s. It’s not good folks. Overconsumption of energy boosting ingredients ultimately has the opposite effect. You will peak, and then you will crash. We all have experienced a sugar crash- our bodies produce more insulin to remove the sugar from the bloodstream, which lowers blood glucose levels, which is what dips our energy. 

We’ve talked about how our bodies can take things like sugar, caffeine, Vitamins, and antioxidants, and turn them into energy. Isn’t that natural energy? Those ingredients are in things that our bodies naturally turn into energy right? Right. There is no real “artificial” energy, but there is sustainable and non-sustainable. Non-sustainable causes crashes, headaches, withdrawals, irritation, loss of focus, etc. Sustainable energy keeps our body’s energy flowing at a consistent rate (with some highs and lows), which keeps us the most balanced and productive. What we all REALLY want is sustainable energy, but it’s usually a lot harder, more expensive, and time consuming than the quick fixes. 

But not anymore! We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about these issues, and that’s why we’ve created our Swish30 formula! It IS sustainable energy! There is no crash, no sugar rush, no withdrawals afterwards. Why? Because we don’t use additive and stimulating ingredients! We use an antioxidant blend that gives your body the things it’s ACTUALLY needing when it gets tired. Interested in what is in Swish30, and want more information on each of the ingredients? Read our previous blog- A Performance Blend of Nano What?

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